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Tuscan Architecture Style – Decoded

Posted by admin on January 21, 2016
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Tuscan Architecture Style

To many people the authentic Tuscan architecture style house plans will look very much like most of the architecture found anywhere in Italy. This type of architecture style is iconic of the Italian countryside. The general materials used on a typical Tuscan architecture style home design are stone, wood and earth tone surfaces. The Tuscan architecture style is normally equipped with wooden shutters, wrought iron and hardwood elements and are casually used to present a welcoming Tuscan architecture style touch to the house.  In Tuscany, Italy, most homes are spread out in a country style setting.  The surroundings presents a romantic and aesthetic dream of rustic farm houses and villas of white, tan or grey stucco house designs.  The structures are dotted around hillsides and are ornated with elongated arches, wooden framed windows and gently sloping hip sided roof outlines.  Many of the materials used in these homes come from the surrounding countryside of Tuscany. Some of the more famous and valuable material are travertine, marble and terracotta.

Stunning Tuscan Architecture Style

The Tuscan climate is well known for waters and moving air and this was a treasure to the farmers in the region.  Capturing such a wonderful climate is demonstrated by the floor plan in most of the villas. The floor plans from this architecture style tend to have large porticoes, patios and water features.  The furniture used also indicates the opulent lifestyle prevalent in this region.  The high ceilings with exposed natural wood, fancy mouldings, simple wooden cupboards, and crafted tables on terracotta floor tiles, all provide for a very relaxed atmosphere to the residence.

Since introducing many modern materials and ideas aspects of these home designs have begun to change. The corbels are now being styled to conform to the available building technologies in the country.  Windows and doors are, in most cases, replaced with aluminium framing material.  Modern touches are used in the interior spaces of these house plans.  Concrete tiles are used on hip roofs with the correct tile profile to bring them as close as possible to the original Tuscan architecture style house designs found dispersed throughout the region. With well-appointed rustic furniture, sculptures and ornaments, the houses are transformed to resemble true Italian renaissance Tuscan architecture style architecture.Tuscan design, nethouseplans signature designs

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