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How do I know if the house plans will fit on my plot?

It’s easy and we don’t have to visit your plot in order to determine this.

There are a few factors that must be looked at when you search for your perfect house plans.  Beyond just the actual house plans that you will receive from us, you may also need to find out if the house plans will fit your plot.

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House plans schematic

At Nethouseplans we help you remove this doubt.  We already understand that deciding on the house plans that will satisfy all your needs can be difficult for most people.  Knowing whether a certain house plans will fit correctly on your plot can be a daunting task for most lay-persons. That is why Nethouseplans is offering the following services:

  1. FREE service to advise you on whether the house plans that you like will fit on your plot, before you buy the house plans.
  2. In addition, we offer an optional service of drawing up the actual Site Plan that shows how the house will be positioned and configured on your plot. You can opt to have this service added to your order when you purchase the house plans from us.

A house plans schematic

Once you’ve found the house plans that you like, you’ll just need to send us an email query and attach some details pertaining to your plot.  By perusing this information, Nethouseplans will then be able to advise on your chosen house plans’ suitability in relation to your site’s configuration.  Remember that there may be some other restrictions pertaining to set-backs or building lines that are prescribed for your plot.  As a result we request that you also send us the following information:

  • copy of your plot measurements – preferable in a diagram format (SG. Diagram)*
  • copy of your property’s zoning information or zoning certificate*
  • copy of your complex’ Architectural Guidelines (If building in residential complexes).*
  • Copy of your property title deed
  • Also indicate any noticeable site conditions (ie. Sloping ground, etc.)

*1-3 can be obtained from your developer or municipal office

Send us an email today at and let our design consultants look into your query and advise you accordingly.


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