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4 Bedrooms Tuscan Styled House Plan

Ground Floor: Double garages, entrance hall, entrance porch, kitchen, scullery, dining, guest toilet, lounge, living room, bar, patio, built-in braai,  4 x Bedrooms (Master Bedroom en-suite with walk in closet), shared bathroom, linen cupboard.  This is a gorgeous 4 Bedrooms Tuscan styled house plan. Spacious and functional reception areas for recreation and relaxation, well-appointed bedrooms and a lot of room for storage. Paired with a beautiful, clean and elegant Tuscan style architectural design, this 358m2 4 Bedrooms Tuscan styled house plan is perfect for your family.

The integrated garage can fit two cars and still has enough space for storing tools and other stuff. The internal access in the garage leads to the entry hall. The entry hall has a passage way which leads to either the master bedroom or the reception area. The dining room on the other end of the passage is big, able to fit the whole family which makes it a great place to gather and share your meals. Beside the dining room there is a partially secluded lounge area, with two wide windows. It provides a beautiful view of the outside and also provides plenty of ventilation and illumination.

The lounge area being close to the entry hall, makes it easier for you to welcome and entertain guests into your 4 Bedrooms Tuscan styled house plan. Near the dining area is the kitchen, conveniently located to ensure that the food is still hot when served. The kitchen  fitted with two wide counters and a dedicated cooking area, offers more than enough space where you can prepare and cook your meals and still have enough room for storage of kitchen equipment and supplies.

Connected to the kitchen is a scullery. A double sink is usually installed here for dish washing purposes. A washing machine and tumble dry can also be added here to create a laundry room. The scullery also provides room for storage of other household equipment and supplies. An access door can also be found in the scullery which leads to a courtyard which makes it easier for you to take out the trash or hang the laundry.

A very spacious entertainment lounge with a bar is just beside the kitchen. The entertainment lounge provides a great place where you can entertain your guests during a party or gathering. The bar provides a place where you can share a drink with friends. A wash closet is also located in the entertainment lounge for convenience. One great feature of the entertainment lounge is the sliding door that leads to the patio. This allows you to have extra space for accommodating large numbers of guests. The patio is a great place to have a barbecue or just sit and relax, have a nice cup of tea while reading your favourite book.

On one side of this 4 Bedrooms Tuscan styled house plan are the bedrooms. These bedrooms are well-appointed and are installed with wide windows for ventilation and for the occupants to enjoy the view. While two of the bedrooms share a bathroom, one of the bedrooms has access to its own bathroom. This room can also be utilized as a guest bedroom. On the other side of this 4 Bedrooms Tuscan styled house plan is the master bedroom. This bedroom is spacious which allows you to add a couple of furniture to create a private lounge area. The master bedroom also has access to its own walk-in closet and bathroom. The access door in the bedroom leads to the courtyard and patio. The position of the master bedroom ensures that the parents have privacy and a place to relax and enjoy the view. Kick back and relax in this perfect 4 Bedrooms Tuscan styled house plan that you can call home.



These drawings contains a bird’s eye view of each floor layout – showing all walls, rooms, doors, windows, dimensions, drainage, notes and details of material items. It also provides references to other sections and components located elsewhere on the house plans.


These Plans show the sides of the house normally when viewed from all 4 sides – North, South, East and West.  The external treatment of walls, exterior materials and finishes is also shown. These drawings give notes and details to drainage components and vertical dimensions of the structure.  Corbelling details and roofing notes are also elaborated. All other specific and unique details to the house plan in question are indicated here.


A cross-section shows a sliced view of the entire structure taken at specific points.  Large-scale views show sections or cuttings of the foundations, ground level, staircases, walls, floors and roof details. Additional cross-sections may show important details which may otherwise be hidden in the deepest layers of a structure.  Sections show how different components interconnect to form a solid and monolithic outcome that becomes a dwelling house.  In some cases a large scaled drawing may be necessary to illustrate the interconnectedness of even the smaller components of the building which then translates to the builder and other building consultants what the structure is made of. 


This plan provides suggested positions of electrical switches, plugs, lighting, outlets, etc. A layout is provided for each floor level, each room, garage and the exterior. NB. The electrician is responsible for the designs and reticulation of all circuits, wiring and all engineering details of the entire system.


These are included in the respective Floor plans and Elevation diagrams. Their details and notes are also specified here. 


This plan shows an overview of the roof configuration.  Roof valleys, ridges, Overhangs and Angles are shown.  The specifications and details of roofing materials to be used are also detailed.


This is a list of the windows and doors to be used in the project.  Usually it depicts the sizes and specific material types of each item.  The schedules are read in conjunction with floor plans.  Any codes on the floor plans is used to point to the actual item in the schedule. 

House Plan Id: 17947
Price: R 8,660
House Plan Size: 358 m2
Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 3.5
Side To Side: 29.42m
Front To Back: 20.68m
No. Of Garages: 2
Master Bedroom : 26m2
Kitchen: 18m2
Roof Type: Concrete Tiles
Window Type: Aluminium
built-in braai
linen Cupboards
Walk In Closet (WIC)
Guest WC
Built-In Cupboards (BIC)
Entrance Hall
Entrance Porch

PDF Copy

A PDF house plan file contains an electronic copy of either the Study or Full scale version of the House Plans. PDF stands for Portable Document Format. A PDF file is a digital file format mostly used today to easily transfer files containing text, pictures, drawings and fonts into a single digital file, PDF file format is very simple to use and can be easily downloaded, stored and attached on emails via a PC. This also makes printing of additional copies of the house plan even much easier. To read PDF files you require a PDF Reader software made available free by ADOBE. To download a free copy of Adobe PDF software from ADOBE click this link: NB. A PDF House Plan package cannot be altered after purchase. For making post-purchase alterations to the building plans you will require a CAD electronic copy of the House Plans. This file is usually emailed to clients as per order.

CAD Copy

A CAD/AutoCAD/DWG/DXF file contains an electronic copy of the House Plans in a format in which the plans were drawn. This file format is ideal in cases where a customer has purchased a house plan that he/she likes but would like to make further changes to the house plans before building or submission to the authorities. You can then take the file to any local Architect or Draughtsman who utilizes a CAD system in order to effect the changes for you. A CAD file can only be opened from a PC which has a CAD system already installed. This file is no usually emailed to clients as per order.

Paper Copy

Here the plan is printed on large paper sheets. normally A1 or A0 sheets.  One of the copies is coloured in accordance with the National Building Regulations (NBR) and the SANS 10400.  The sheets are folded into an A4 size pack and couried to clients.  


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