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Architectural Design Modifications

Whether you’re building in a free standing site or in a residential complex where there are strict design rules, to date, at Nethouseplans we continue to assist many of our clients realize their dreams in the most cost efficient manner possible.  Customizing an existing architectural design is a guaranteed option to save yourself significant amounts of money.  Just browse our collection of modern architectural designs on our website and select any plan that closely fits your needs.  You can then start the plan modification process by following the two easy steps below:

  • Buy your chosen plan by selecting the option that comes with a CAD file (See Buying Options). Take the CAD file to your local architect or designer for them to make the changes for you.
  • Send us an email at requesting a quote to have the changes done for you. List the architectural design (plan code) and your desired changes. Any images or sketches about your changes will be appreciated.

Nethouseplans will provide you with a quote for making the changes for you and we will start with the modifications of your architectural designs as soon as you’ve purchased the plans.

The Architectural Design, Site Plan & Your HOA’s Rules

As part of the changes customers can request a Site Plan to be added and/or that we look at the architectural design rules that are applicable to their residential complex or estates.  Therefore as part of the request for changes, customers will need send further information regarding their plots.  Here is the property information that will be required:

  • Copy of SG Diagram (your boundary measurements)*
  • Copy of the zoning certificate
  • Copy of the sewer connection position
  • The Architectural Design rules (If building in a residential complex)
  • Copy of the title deeds

Once we receive your submission, a design consultant will review your request and reply with questions, design suggestions or a quote.  Our personnel have proven over the years to possess the necessary experience and expertise to read the requests for plan changes very well.   We have succeeded in translating requests for changes into a magnificent architectural design that you and your family can be proud of.  Still, you are more than welcome to give us a call on +27 11 083 9333 and discuss your architectural design modifications with us – following our receipt of your written request.

The architectural design modification process will start with a preliminary design sketch incorporating all your changes. These will be sent to you to review.  Once you’ve approved the preliminary designs, we will then complete your construction working drawings and send these to you.

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